Snapbrite - kid photo timeline

Take your kid photos and share with family members. Track your kid growth history.

Better Diary (diary, journal, notes)

A diary, journal, notes app. Capture your favorite experiences, thoughts, ideas.

SafeBox - keep your file safely

Encrypt files

Call PopOut

Make incoming calls less distracting on Android

Action Widgets

Enjoy beautiful widgets. Happy customization. Also save battery with power widgets.

Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)

Sidebar Plus - brilliant multi-tasking from anywhere


The best free photos & videos vault app! Keep your secret photos safely

AntTek Quick Settings

Bring Jelly Bean Quick Setting to Android 2.1+ without rooting

Deep Sleep Battery Saver

Constantly put devices into deep sleep mode (when screen off) in order to extend battery life

Shady Browser

The best browser for surfing sensitive/secret websites

Battery Stats Plus

Cloud based apps to detect and notify apps that drain battery

Shady Contacts

Shady Contacts is designed to keep your sensitive call logs and text message away from prying eyes.


Block unwanted calls & text for free

Children Tracker

Children Tracker is the best solution to track your kid cyber activities including calls, texts, locations, browsing histories, connected hotspots, etc.

Smart RAM Booster

One tap to boost RAM with floating widget. Auto-boost and smart RAM/battery optimizing engine.

Beautiful Clock Widget

The most beautiful clock widget collection for Android homescreen.

AntTek Explorer

The most intuitive, usefull and simple to use File Manager with streaming from cloud (ex. Dropbox)

1Tap Eraser

1Tap Eraser Provides Customizable, Scheduled System Cleaning On Android

1Tap Quick Bar

The best notification customization app for Android. It helps you to do most common tasks in a shorter time, such as change Wifi settings, call your wife, add an event, launch an favorite game

Smart Settings

Smart Settings is a tool to automate and optimize device settings, for both context-awareness and power saver.

Ultimate Secret Box

Keep your sensitive conversation (call logs/SMS/MMS) from preying eyes.

Fast Uninstaller & Installer

Design for fast uninstall and easily manage your applications, as well as auto-backup, quick re-installer.

Root Uninstaller

Uninstall system apps, freeze boatwares, auto-backup, and more with root permission

Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs

Get out of awful situation by fake a call from your Mon or your Boss.

Root Firewall

The best choice to ad-blocking, prevent data over-billing, save battery life, as well as protect your privacy

Outgoing Call Blocker

Block outgoing calls with password. Keep your tollder playing games without making unwanted calls, etc...